Child Counselor at Groundwork Counseling in Orlando provides insight to local Mom’s Blog regarding brining a home a new sibling.

So what does the changing family dynamic mean to the older child who has now become a sibling? Even though children typically enjoy their new role as a big brother or big sister, it is also common for regression, negative behaviors, and attention seeking to arise. Because young children are unable to verbalize their feelings, which could include resentment and jealousy, it is also normal for children to act out in attempt to regain attention.

So what can parents do to make this transition a healthy, positive and supportive experience for the older child now becoming a sibling? GroundWork Counseling’s Child Counselor Weighs In!
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Learn more about Play Therapy & Child Therapy 

Some children can benefit from additional professional support.
Play-therapy and sand-tray therapy offer age appropriate means for expression which helps children understand the new dynamic, process feelings, and find ways to transition into their new role in a healthy and supported way. Taking time to support your older child during important transition will help children to connect and your family to thrive. 

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